I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2017. I had a great experience with them from the very first day. I just love how I need to comply with my requirements via email since it was very convenient for me considering that I need to go to work and no time to go to their office. I am grateful to my Program Advisor who always made sure that I comply with my requirements and always encouraging me to do better especially when I was preparing for my NCLEX-RN exam. She follows- up with me and eager to answer questions.

Health Carousel guided me through my NCLEX preparation. They provided me with online study material which was very helpful. They monitored your scores online for you to be well-prepared when the actual exam comes

To everyone who wants to pursue their American Dream, never give up and always do your best. Be compliant and trust Health Carousel for they are always there preparing you to achieve your dream. Be positive, persistent, and confident and always pray to our Lord and our God.

Thank you!

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