The training has been very helpful to me as a professional nurse especially with the transition to working as an RN in the US. At first, I find it overwhelming when I was just starting with the training checklist and the modules. But with the help of my virtual coach, Joanne Harrison, I was able to catch up with the topics and finish the modules on time. She has assisted and guided me throughout the ATI training and I am really thankful to her. It took me about 6 weeks to complete the requirements on the checklist since I am really trying to learn and understand each nursing topic. One thing I realized after the completion of the course: Nursing is continuous and lifelong learning as long as you are working as a nurse. I highly recommend the training to other candidates most especially the real-life scenario skill modules because you become familiar with the healthcare and hospital setting in the US. The training has been really helpful to me as a nurse to become confident, effective and efficient in providing safe and quality care to our patients. Thank you so much.

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