I started to be part of Health Carousel right after I passed my NCLEX last 2016. After signing the contract, it became hard for me to process my Visascreen because of IELTS. And after a year of hardships and trials, I got my priority date. It was an overwhelming experience after I received the PD. It was a waiting game again until my PD becomes current. It was 2018 when my PD becomes current and start the process until I have my embassy interview. It was such an amazing experience working with my Health Carousel advisors. They were so hospitable in answering my queries and inspired me not to stop in pursuing my US dream. I am very thankful that I worked with them until I finally achieved my goal.

To all nurses aspiring to work in the US, it is very important to be patient because it is actually a waiting game until your time arrives. Do not be in a hurry because everything is planned for you perfectly by God.

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