“Dream until you make it.” I am the type of person who has high ambition.

Last 2017, before my local board examination, my college best friend and I went to an agency and ask how much does it cost to apply for NCLEX. They were asking for a sum of money which I knew I cannot have that moment. I just focused on the local board examination. Luckily, Health Carousel was invited by our review center in NLE on our GrandDay. I did not focus much on their talk because I was anxious about the upcoming exam.

December 2017, by God’s grace, I am a Philippine Registered Nurse. January 2018, my classmate sent us the picture of the Health Carousel again at the group chat. Since I was curious about it, without hesitation, I e-mailed my resume. After sending my resume, one of Health Carousel’s Recruiters called to discuss with me their program.

I was so excited at that time. I can apply for NCLEX without releasing any amount of money. You just have to pass their pre-test. It took me two months to take the pre-test so that I am well prepared. Again, God granted my desire. I passed the pre-test and the process starts. Through Ma’am Kristine of Health Carousel whom I thanked the most for consistently reminding me to pass the requirements and IPASS Processing, I was able to submit it at CGFNS by June 2018. There are some corrections with my school papers that I need to pass again at CGFNS. It took me too long to mail again the papers because I am new at my work. To cut the story short, the most awaited moment came. I am eligible to take the NCLEX at Illinois last December 2018.

Since I was transferred to the ward in the same month, I am still adapting to a new environment. March 2019 when I took the post-test in Health Carousel and we apply for ATT last June. At first, I chose August as my exam date and changed it eventually. September 2019 when I took my exam and in God’s delight, I passed the exam at 75 questions. The process may seem too long. Why?

I am a new local board passer when I apply for my dream hospital. As I am achieving my present goals, Health Carousel helped me to achieve my future goals. I first worked at the out-patient department of the same hospital. I am working from Monday to Friday. I can barely ask for leave to process my papers and answer the calls from Health Carousel since they are office hours. Then I was transferred to ward in December 2018.

I applied for ATT last June because my eligibility will expire. When my ATT came, my anxiety increases, so I enrolled in the review center. My class starts from 9 am to 4 pm. If I’m working on the morning shift, I can’t attend the class. Lucky enough if I would go out at exactly 2:30 pm. If I’m working at pm shift, I can attend classes from 9 am to 12 pm. If I’m night shift, after work, I would go straight to class and ends at 4 pm.

I tried my best to attend the classes but my body did not cooperate. I can’t stay awake in classes. I would just sit for 2hours then fall asleep. My immune system weakened. So, I decided to have my coaching done to know if I have a chance to pass with my knowledge and to know my weaknesses and strengths in different subjects. That was the day before my birthday. I came straight from night duty and I did not finish my coaching exam. Upon assessment, my coach told me that I would not pass at this rate. He told me about the UWorld. At first, I hesitated to buy an online product because I already paid for the review center. But I gave it a try. I borrowed from my auntie. Why not? I would give everything because I want to take the exam once.

When I started answering UWorld, I did not attend classes anymore. The time came when I cannot view NCLEX questions a day. Since I’m working at a government hospital, the influx of patients always increases with the lack of staff. I experienced handling 21 patients in a shift with 42 patients of the total census on our ward or a ratio of 1:21. My duty was five days straight then off then four days straight. I almost gave up studying. But I hold onto my dreams and started answering and understanding the rationale again.

One month prior to the exam, I asked for 5days’ leave but they only gave me 4days. So I only have 3days to review and one day for the exam.

Two weeks prior to my 4days leave, I almost breakdown. It was already an endorsement when suddenly we call for a code. “Yung tipong uuwi ka na lang, may magcocode pa” I have to be emotionally strong. I can’t focus on the review at that time. But when I’m thinking of my dreams, I know I have to set aside my emotions and stand up again.

This might seem not applicable or possible to all, but I answered almost 1,200 questions 3days prior to the exam. What was holding me to stay awake and understand what I’m reading? – Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gave me strength”.

I know some of us will make excuses. Some will say I am too young or too old, don’t have hospital experience, working for 12 or 16 hours shift, have to take care of their family but if one has high ambitions. hope you can do it the way did. The process might seem too long. I don’t mind at all because if I did not endure the process, you would not be reading my testimonial. I hope I gave inspiration to those who are working and cannot find time to review or process the application. Step by step you will make it! 😊

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