My journey of becoming USRN began when I joined HCPI in April 2018. Since then my application ran smoothly and I finally took my NCLEX exam last August 2019. It is indeed an amazing experience working with HCPI and IPASS Processing team. They were accommodating and willing to assist me along the process of my application. I am really grateful for their unending support and guidance every step of the way.

Preparing for my NCLEX is quite a battle. I was so drained after work and I can’t find time focusing on my review since I am working for 12 hours and sometimes longer. However, amidst my struggle allotting time to review, I was still enthusiastic, an attitude that drove me towards achieving my goal. My success wouldn’t be possible without my family and friends and of course my HCPI family that never lost hope, encouraging and believing in my capabilities throughout my journey. They have been extremely supportive through this difficult time. Thank you so much HCPI for turning my dream into a reality. Your support has made me a stronger person.

To all aspiring nurses like me, may God bless you with your endeavor. Continue to believe in yourselves and always find love, joy, and happiness wherever you go. Always have the attitude as you’ve already succeeded. Do not worry about delays because delays are not denials. Just keep focusing on your dreams. Be strong. Be confident. Keep your faith and don’t forget to trust in the Lord. Together we say, we can do it!

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