Happy New Year! Are you Ready for IELTS 2020?

Every start of the year, we always have new plans, a change of the past, not so- good experiences, that is why we endlessly write our resolutions, but why are some bound to succeed or bound to fail? We are sure that passing the IELTS is one on your list and we know that you have done all the best that you can. But why the Band 7 of Speaking is so elusive? This year, we would like to encourage you to be doers, not dreamers. We are much passionate and determined to work on how to pass the IELTS, not to blindly leave it to fate.

Taking the IELTS has a deeper purpose and meaning, not just a visa screen requirement. IELTS is a magical portal that opens doors of opportunities: communications, career growth, employment, etc.

Last November 16, 2019, IDP PTY. LTD invited Health Carousel Philippines Inc., to join their annual IDP IELTS Alliance Members’ Recognition Night held at the Mercure Hotel, Pasig City. The event celebrates and appreciates its partners in reaching their goals. To make this happen, IDP’s theme, “Game Changer” challenges everyone to focus on touching humanity and engage with people all over the world through IELTS.

Part of it is the Computer – Delivered IELTS, where there is an increase in number of test takers. IDP improved their tools for IELTS review, featured on their public website, to give everyone a real feel of the exam.

Below is the list of tools you can use for yourself.

1. Computer-delivered IELTS Familiarization Tests

These practice tests will allow you to experience computer-delivered IELTS on your own computer, so you know what to expect on the test day.

2. IELTS Progress Check

The first ever official, online practice tool for IELTS with feedback from official markers.

3. IELTS Masterclass Complete Preparation Seminar 

A half-day preparation seminar designed to help test takers prepare for the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections of the IELTS test.

4. IELTS Masterclass Webinar 

For those who can’t join the Masterclass Complete Seminar in person, you can attend the session online.

5. IELTS Master Online Preparation 

An online preparation course free for all IDP test takers.

What do you think about taking the Computer-Delivered IELTS? Tell us your thoughts and experience. Your International Program Advisors will be very glad to hear from you! Call or email them right away! 

Ready to take the IELTS?

Here are the IELTS schedules for 2020. Both Paper-based and Computer-Delivered.



For candidates abroad, please check with the IELTS test center nearest you.

They make sure that they are updated on the status and progress of my review, making them informed of what areas to be improved and implemented necessary actions to rectify such. Indeed, IELTS is an arduous test but because of their relentless support, I felt a bit comfortable and less nervous when I took this exam.

Roland Robin

IELTS Passer

After all the ‘ grit’, victory finally arrived, I received the passing score on the 22nd of December, 2019. This achievement is all because of God’s grace. I praise and thank Him for this perfect
Christmas gift.“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Philippians 4:1


IELTS Passer

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