Health Carousel Philippines assists its candidates to pass the IELTS by providing complementary test preparation resources and test sponsorship if candidates meet the minimum prerequisite score on our predictive exam.

Here is Formeliza’s story, one of our candidates who has been sponsored for her IELTS and assisted throughout the process.

My IELTS journey has never been easy. It required me to have strong will and determination. I had to burn my candles at both ends by juggling my work and my review. Throughout the whirlwind challenges, I was never alone. Health Carousel Philippines has been there to support, cheer me up, and assist me in all the ups and downs of my journey. They have provided me Road to IELTS and TenseBuster reviewers to freshen up my English knowledge. They have also provided me as an international English teacher and native English speaker to be my online tutor and speaking buddy to further hone my English skills. I am very thankful to my Health Carousel family for not leaving me until I succeed in IELTS.

Taking IELTS in the middle of the pandemic was like throwing myself in a double fight. I had to fight mentally to attain my desired scores and at the same time, I had to fight physically by adhering to healthy protocols to avoid contracting the virus. I had to procure a lot of medical and travel requirements to take the exam. I even had to leave my work for more than 2weeks to prepare everything. I had sacrificed a lot and had chosen my priorities because I knew it was the best way to obtain great things in life.

I do believe in the concept ‘comfort is the enemy of success. If you are aiming for something great, first, you have to invest tears and sweat to acquire it.

Second, you have to step out of your comfort zone and be lionhearted to wrestle all the challenges that may come your way.

Third, you have to sacrifice and prioritize things to taste the sweetest success. And lastly, you should know whom to trust and who to lean on, for you to be a skillful controller of your journey towards your victory.

Congratulations, Formeliza! We are excited to see you succeed and excel in all you do until you reach your #AmericanDream!

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