Health Carousel Philippines assists their candidates to pass the IELTS by providing complimentary test preparation resources and test sponsorship if candidates meet the minimum prerequisite score on our predictive exam.


Here is our most recent candidate testimonial:

Taking IELTS is in itself a daunting task to most, more so for those who are in my age range of 50+.  Passing it last January 18, 2020 in my last bid of pursuing my dream of going to the United States with my family, was  indeed an overwhelming  feeling for me and my husband who supported me  all through out. 

It was not my first try really, I have done it a few times already, however, most of it had expired and I even had an approved Visa screen at one point. It expired just last year. Nurses like me know how difficult it is to go through the process of applying to the U.S.  In my case I lost interest in it already, however Ma’am Glenda of Health Carousel/PassportUSA followed up on me and revived my interest of continuing it.  Her encouraging words and assurance that they will assist me in processing the papers, put me on my feet and do the whole process all over again, hoping this time it will lead to a successful application for immigration. 

I was deeply motivated by my family especially my three children whom I want to experience life in the U.S. It was very difficult to obtain my US license. It took almost a year for credential validation before I was given an authority to take the NCLEX for the state of New York 10 years ago.  Life in the U.S. maybe difficult and challenging but I believe it will give my family better opportunities for the future.

For those who have similar cases like mine, it is not too late to try and take IELTS, explore things that might work well with you in preparing for the exam. For first takers, it is best to take review classes or you can try what I have done, I have reviewed on my own this time because I already took it before so I know the set up. The key in taking IELTS is to be persistent and focused. Use experiences in life in the writing task as well as in the speaking part. Sincerest prayer for divine intervention also played a big part in passing my IELTS.

If you have any questions about IELTS, please contact your International Program Advisor directly.

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