“I started dreaming of working / migrating in the US last 2008. Many years have passed, still this dream seemed impossible to reach because of the then situation of the USA. When I decided to finally give up and pursue my career to another country, then came a good news last 2014 – my priority date become current. I was able to find Health Carousel who assisted me with my EB3 application and I was able to finally say that I’m already close to my dream.

Special shout out to all those person who helped / assisted me to finally get that Immigrant visa that I have been longing for. Thank you so much Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Jeanne, Ms. Roda, Ms. Kim and Ms. Nyra, you’ve been a very great help to us RN’s from day 1 ‘til the day we finally say hello to USA.

God Bless Health Carousel! More Power!”

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