The training allowed me to have a digital feel of how it’s like to be working as a nurse in the US. My favorite part was the interactive, decision-making skills wherein a wrong judgment would not allow you to progress to the next scenario, as it would imply that your error caused harm to your client.

In addition to the many nursing skills, it taught me the values of discipline, time management, focus, humility, and following instructions. I was initially hesitant to be in contact with my coach as I wanted to have finished something before communicating with her, which was, of course, a wrong move. The program was good for 8 weeks but by God’s grace, I was able to complete it in 6 weeks, considering that I am working a full-time job and 2 other part-time jobs. Had I coordinated with my coach from the beginning, I am certain that that timeframe would have been much shorter. Like I said, this was a humbling experience where I learned.

Also, the topics were very engaging I was motivated to do more than what was required on a day-to-day basis. Although there are times that I fail to comply with the supposed “schedule”, I was able to compensate for them, as my coach (Alison) was very helpful and accommodating, providing encouragement after every progress I accomplish.

I would definitely recommend the training to other candidates, as it was very informative and helpful in setting the expectations of what we are getting ourselves into. I would also like to sincerely thank Passport USA for sponsoring this kind of training. It certainly gave a boost to my level of confidence in my ability to transition successfully to the US Healthcare Delivery System.

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