Health Carousel is heaven-sent for me, my American Dream turned to a reality.  I am so grateful and I feel that I am forever indebted to them. Without Health Carousel, my American dream would have still been a dream up to this day.

I signed with them in 2015. I did my part, I complied with all the requirements my processing associates asked me to do, no more, no less. My journey was not easy but it’s worth it. I have always prayed to God to help me with my application, and by faith, He granted all my wishes and the desires of my heart. I owe Him everything, and without Him, I can do nothing. He used Health Carousel as an instrument to fulfill my American Dream.

I look at Health Carousel as a perfect agency- it is 5/5, they’re excellent. With the achievements I have now, I am so happy and blessed to have them. The people who were assigned to my case were very responsible, career/goal-oriented, professional and focused. I had a very amazing experience with Health Carousel and will always recommend to everyone in the medical profession. My formula for success is Love, Luck, Faith, and Passion – it worked for me!

Thanks to God for everything. Thank you Health Carousel for everything. It is quite hard for me to mention all the help you have given me. It is beyond words how grateful I am. Thank you, America for the opportunity to live, work and serve this great nation

God bless us all!

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