Health Carousel was introduced by an applicant also and a co-worker. She convinced me to choose the agency without a single doubt. I never questioned but just followed her advice to me. It was way back 2015, 3 years ago. Just all faith.

Now, I have with me my visas, packet documents (EB3) and everything I have hoped for. The process was not easy but it’s worthwhile. I never complained anything because in my heart I am thankful for their guidance (esp. agents). I followed every instruction they provided me and completed. Everything paid off. Sacrifice was the ultimate key because it all follows patience, perseverance, and hope.

Therefore, Health Carousel was a tool, instrument towards my dream. They helped me, inspired me and gave direction towards my career and impact to achieve my American dream. Thank you and May they help more nurses like me attain their dreams in life.

Thank you to Ms. Liza, Kim, and Roda for everything!

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