“It was 10 years ago when I was at the peak of building my USA dream and pumped up with my nursing career. I was able to passionately worked as a nurse in the hospital for more than 4 years in my hometown while looking at the goal of becoming a nurse in the US someday. Unfortunately, in the event of visa retrogression (which was actually a long period), I started to feel like looking for something else that is more challenging and to sheer from doing hospital work. And so I did. Almost hopeless, I decided to continue growing in a different career instead of pushing through with my nursing job in the hospital. The dream was on the side but not anymore a priority. In my mind, its gonna be a long and tiresome process and not sure if I can still make it since I have not been working as a clinical nurse anymore and I have not even heard any updates from my previous agency. Until one day, after receiving updates from Visa Bulletin and seeing friends working on their applications once again, I looked into different programs offered for nurses in the internet and listened to others recommendations. Gladly, with other options at hand, I was right in making a decision of committing my US goals with Health Carousel. At the hype of my busy job during these times, Ms. Liza, Ms. Rhoda and up until with Ms. Kimberly, they have consistently worked out each step with ease, full of hopes and positivity that all is well and everything can be done, and with utmost patience with my compliance. Indeed, the dream is going to become a reality with Health Carousel. Not to mention their integrity, doing ethical and legal business with professionals were also a major key to making things happen without difficulties.

Thank you Health Carousel for opening the doors for me! To the first and last person I have talked with in this process, Ms. Connie dela Cruz, thank you for setting the tone of hope and positivity from day 1 up to my last day in the Philippines. I am excited and I am ready! I will keep in mind that right attitude, right perspective in life, and hard work will help me go a long way! Truly, I am blessed by the Lord with this opportunity by making Health Carousel and its staff an instrument for this new chapter. May you all continue to inspire and help more people.”

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