It’s my turn.

Good things happen to those who wait, but the best things are for those who do something to achieve their dreams and pray hard that all will work out.

I took my NCLEX last 2009 and unfortunately was abandoned by my employer. I lost hope and gave up my American dream, and convinced myself that maybe it was not for me. I worked in different countries after that. Until one day in 2013, a friend told me to just keep my US license active, just in case I get a chance. Which I did.

In the year 2014, my application to HCLLC started. I was surfing on one of the social media sites and a pop-up appeared on my screen, which is the PassportUSA, I tried to fill up the online form, not expecting they will give me an answer, fortunately, they did and the rest was history.

The process was not easy, there have been few hiccups along the way but with a lot of prayers and trust to the people who work for me to achieve my dream, here I am now, it is my turn to write my testimony and to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Brad, Karen, Michael, Jill, Raissa, Connie, Kimberly and Liza and to the rest of the team. Thank you all for your patents, understanding and quickly answering all my inquiries. You are all appreciated. And of course, to God our Father let your name be praise for the rest of the days.

So to my fellow applicants, keep going on and I’m sure your turn will also come.

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