“Through the years of consolations and desolations, my journey to US made me stronger as a person. I have developed such sense of independence, faithfulness, diligence and accountability. These goals have been shaped through Health Carousel with heartfelt gratitude, I say thank you for all the help you have extended.

Life is indeed full of surprise, I have witnesses how things got into their right track after all ups and down associated with my application to US. I would not say it is all bed of rows but the path has been filled with a lot of challenges. There were times that I was about to give up but because of the full support from my family, friends and the Passport USA, the envy fire has been sustained.

Health Carousel serves as the paddle of the boat where I ride through rough seas of journey. The persistent reminders and tedious follow-ups pushed me to work harder towards the accomplishment of first steps to the land of honey and milk.

Through the years, it is important that one must cling to those that give so much energy and motivation if he wanted to pursue a bigger dream, a challenge in life. It all started from baby steps to hopefully become giant leaps in the future.

I thank God for all these blessings as well as my family for the support and love. My friends are so instrumental also in the way to success of this endeavor. Most importantly, I thank the Health Carousel, Phil. Administration and staff for the job well done. To God be the glory.”

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