“Last summer of 2014, I was looking for an employer who will sponsor me to work in the United States of America. Luckily, I found PassportUSA branch in the Philippines, Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.
The company explained to me about working in the US as a registered nurse and guide me every step to take until the petition was submitted and approved. I am so lucky that they always remind me of the needed and lacking requirements and made sure I have comply with it. Despite the retrogression last 2015, they never gave up.
I would like to thank my Processing Associates especially to Ms. Kim and Ms. Maricris for their guidance and patience on answering all my queries. And Ms. Roda for the endorsement of my license.
With love from my family and friends, perseverance, dedication and the most important of them all, faith in God fulfilled my American Dream and made me easy to achieve it. Learning to wait patiently for God’s perfect timing and to never quit despite of all the circumstances are things to keep in mind to make a dream a reality.”

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