It was always my dream to work as a nurse in the US.

At first, I did not have any idea in petitions for work in the US. Luckily, when I was working in Guam, a co-worker of mine invited me to attend a simple meeting with the Health Carousel Staffs. They discussed the opportunities waiting for us and it enticed me to apply to them.

The process was very smooth, the staff was responsive to all my inquiries. Upon submitting my initial requirements, a few weeks after someone already called and interviewed me through the phone. Fast forward to now, I was lucky and blessed enough to be granted my immigrant visa, thanks to the staff of Health Carousel especially to my coordinator, Ms. Liza Graza. There wasn’t really an immediate result/decision from the US embassy about my visa but Health Carousel worked hard to help me with all the concerns I have and the requirements that the embassy requests.
To all nurses like me who dream of working in the US, Health Carousel is a legit and trusted agency to go. So I suggest, strive hard, take the NCLEX ASAP and opportunities will start to come. Don’t forget to pray because based on my experience, God always listens, it might be granted to you. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank Health Carousel for helping me achieve my lifelong dream, to work and live in the US.

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