Peace comes only thru Christ Jesus.
I joined Health Carousel in December of 2015 and right there and then his will in my life started to unfold beautifully. The process, the whole process itself went by so smoothly, that personally I also felt the meaning and the beauty of God’s will. The experience was so exciting. I could not even feel the pressure of the thought that it is difficult and life-changing. I want to thank Health Carousel for being God’s instrument in unfolding this new chapter of our lives.
Most importantly, I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to Ms. Liza Marie for EVERYTHING. You’re patience and wisdom has been so inspiring, especially during the crucial days of the travel. The composure you have shown, how good, knowledgeable and dedicated you are in the scope of your service. Such an asset to the organization and a gift from above.
I may be an angel in the sickroom but you are an angel, an instrument in changing lives.
Lastly, I want to impart to my fellow nurses. Chase Jesus and your dreams will chase you. Beautifully, more than ever you could imagine.

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