Waiting for a really long time, I already lost my belief in my nursing profession. Thank you to Health Carousel for helping me realize where I truly belong. To all the nurses who felt the same way, I highly recommend and encourage you to apply at Health Carousel. I would like to share my journey in applying as a US registered nurse.
Sometime in January 2015, I almost tried quitting my profession, but suddenly when I decided to take my last try in applying an immigrant visa for the US, Health Carousel gave me an opportunity in achieving my US dream. Their staff was very accommodating, courteous and supportive in helping me through the process of application. After eleven years, finally, my US dream has become a reality.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank these people: Ms. Karen, Ms. Valerie, Ms. Stephanie and especially to the president Ms. Connie Dela Cruz for their never-ending support and encouragement, without them I will never achieve this life-changing journey. Lastly, I will be forever grateful to God, my family and Health Carousel in achieving this milestone and fulfilling this quest.

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