I joined and signed my contract with Health Carousel Philippines in October 2014. My PD was approved in March 2015 and from thereon; the process was quite long but I have tons of patience with me. While waiting, Health Carousel and their staff especially Ms. Liza who patiently guided and assisted me in securing all the necessary documents needed for this life-changing journey. My experience with Health Carousel was spectacular. Even though the process was a long journey, I have my faith and patience that Health Carousel will never abandon me. I am very grateful that I chose Health Carousel to be my partner in achieving my American dream. It’s the chance of a lifetime and I have waited a long time for it and patience is indeed a virtue. To all healthcare practitioners that want to work in the USA, I highly recommend Health Carousel to be their partner in fulfilling their American dream because the great quality is their business and they do it professionally and with integrity.

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