One of the best experiences that I have learned from taking the online testing and simulation training was when I started answering the simulations of nursing video presentation situations.  It was like I was in the actual situation.  The presentation was so real that I felt I was in the situation taking care of the patients. And also, the SBAR format in documenting and reporting of nursing reports is the useful and very effective tool to document the important information of patient’s condition. Learning the nursing principles and concepts as well as the nursing skills and procedures through the video presentation, for me, were effective and fun.

The values that I learned from completing the program were to maintain the values we learned as nurses that we have to be always caring to our patients, sincere and honest so that we will gain our patients’ trust and confidence.  We have to remember the values of hard work and patience whenever faced with difficult nursing situation and challenges.  We also have to remember as nurses to pray to seek guidance from our God always.

It took me 2 months and 9 days to finish the program to be exact.

I definitely recommend the training to other candidates because Filipino nurses will really benefit from the program especially if they want to prepare themselves working in the US Healthcare Delivery System. The topics are very relevant to the real hospital situations.

After taking the training, I would say that I am now confident in my nursing abilities to successfully make a transition to the US Healthcare Delivery System.

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