“At first, I was not interested in working in the US. Out of curiosity and with the influence of my friends, I started thinking about the future. When my friend mentioned Health Carousel, I was at first in doubt because their office is located in Manila. I searched about them and asked some colleagues who were under Health Carousel. It took time but I finally decided to join their program and know that they are the right agency for me. They are like “The Flash” in processing my application. They supported me all the way and their patience is really amazing. I know that I am very inquisitive about anything and anything I do. And Health Carousel never fails to answer my queries right away. When I passed the NPTE last January 2016, I was really not expecting to be picked in the visa lottery. Right after the visa lottery results came out, my processing associate immediately sent me instructions on how to proceed and prepare for deployment. So here I am, after 6 months, ready to be deployed.
Thank you Health Carousel for helping me with my dream.”

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