“Being a nurse in the Philippines is tough. It’s hard to find a good and stable work so we opt to go abroad. And for my journey, it started smooth after passing all the licensure examination here in the Philippines and for the USA. All are set before, I just volunteered and waited for my priority date to be current but after 5 years of waiting I had an email from my previous employer that they are not interested anymore to wait for my priority date to become current. All my plans became zero and I got discouraged to continue because I don’t know where to start. And after a year of working abroad I decided to continue working on my US dream and I found it with Health Carousel. They guide me all through the process and always there to answer all my questions. I would like to thank all my processing associates with all the process I’ve been through. I will always thank Health Carousel for my new journey in my life. Thank you and I pray that your office continue to help other aspiring RN’s. God bless and more power!”

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