It was in August 2015 when I finally decided to sign up with Health Carousel and start the journey towards my American Dream. After complying with the requirements, I was given a priority date of October 2015. Fast forward to August 2018, here I am now, attending my pre-departure orientation and scheduled for deployment on the 29th. The road was indeed long and bumpy but with patient guidance from the advisors assigned to me (Roda, Maricris, and Raissa), everything became a lot easier. Even the VP for Operations, Katie Glaser, is diligent in addressing concerns, no matter how big or trivial those might be. Now, I will be moving to the next leg of my journey – living the American Dream. I know that this will be more challenging than what I have been through in the application process, but with faith in God and with the agency He led me into, I know I will do great. To all the candidates of Health Carousel, all I can say is hold on to your dreams and never give up. To Health Carousel, thank you so much and more power!

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