Ever since I graduated Nursing in 2015 I really wanted to take NCLEX and after my local board exam I already started with processing it but I wasn’t able to really accomplished it until I gave up on trying for I was thinking maybe it wasn’t the right time yet for me to take it. I was thinking back then that maybe I was too young to be thinking of my future and becoming a USRN will be just a dream after all.

However, the year 2017 came and I thought of trying to pursue my dream and picked myself up but I don’t know where to start and having problems financially. My determination to take and pass NCLEX was really there and I said to myself that no matter what happens I will find a way for me to accomplish it and make my parents proud of me. So a friend of mine recommended HEALTH CAROUSEL and referred me to their recruiter. I was really interested in the ASPIRE PROGRAM that they have that sponsors NCLEX for newly graduates. They assisted me very well and with the help of iNURSE I was able to have a hassle-free processing of the exam. I really felt that they understand how important it is for the people who want to pursue their dreams and assisted me with everything regards of the processing.

Recently I just passed my NCLEX and I am thankful for the people who supported me and most especially for Health Carousel and iNurse. Special mention also to Sir Mico Manalac and Sir Mark Cunanan for making sure that I am always on the right track. My journey had a lot of ups and downs but if you have the right determination and mindset then you have the right people who can support you with your dreams then anything is possible. I know this is just the start of everything and me happy that I am living my dream. May Health Carousel inspire more people to reach their ultimate dream of becoming a USRN!

God Bless you all!

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