“I was abandoned by my previous employer, my PD is May 2007, I was having a hard time finding a new employer since I don’t have any tertiary hospital experience. At my downiest moment, application after application rejected. I found Health Carousel online through Google. Called them and had my interview the next working day with Ms. Alzen and Ms. Valerie, that was April 2015 I signed with them. After which, I was able to secure a tertiary hospital job last August 2015 and the processing started. It was quite fast and timely. They will frequently remind you about your requirements, not you who will ask what is happening with your application.
I would like to thank Ms. Val, Alzen, Roda, Mark and Kimberly for patiently assisting me step by step and answering all my queries immediately. They were really helpful, supportive and very patient because I know I ask a lot of detailed questions. Also, I want to thank Health Carousel for taking over my case. I am looking forward for a good working experience with the company.”

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