I am Shaula Mugas and I am currently enrolled in the Aspire Program of Health Carousel. To start, I knew about Health Carousel last July 2017 since they started to send out emails to my email. I was curious about this so I inquired with my friends and colleagues about this agency then I was encouraged to try it out.

I officially joined HCPI last August 2017. Once I started giving out my requirements everything went smooth and fast. Modules were given to assist me in reviewing for NCLEX. Once the modules and the comprehensive exam was finished I was given the go signal to take the NCLEX exam. I took the licensure exam last November 2018 and I passed. After passing the exam I am now applying and reviewing for the IELTS exam. Reviewing for the NCLEX was hard since I was also working at the same time and I did not request for leave to prepare for this. I used the modules the HCPI provided, bought a 1-month subscription at Uworld and used Mark Klimek’s study materials and hoped that these review materials are enough for me to pass, thank goodness for God, HCPI and Ipass for wishing me luck on taking the exam because I did pass the exam.

Taking the exams was very nerve-wracking, even though I practiced and answered a lot of NCLEX type questions the actual exam questions actually took me off the table. All I can advise for the nurses who wish to take the NCLEX exam is to always believe in your self and also not to cram your self on review materials the night before the exam. HCPI’s NCLEX program is very good because they really assist you with the process and makes sure that you are not left behind. I also commend the staff for having an infinite amount of patience to the applicants.

God bless HCPI and Thank you so much!

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