I joined HCPI last January 2018 under the ASPIRE program with the hope that this will help me achieve my breakthrough in my nursing career. I took the NCLEX this September 10, 2019, and passed at 76th question in more than 1 hour. I am indeed grateful for working with HCPI and IPASS processing team because they have been so patient addressing my concerns and updating me with regards to my application. Special thanks to my International Program Advisor Ma’am Kristine Cruz who stayed positive and believed in me when I can’t even believe in myself. I almost give up but with the help of Ma’am Kristine, I made it.

My NCLEX journey was never easy but it was all worth it. I was working full time as a nurse in a tertiary hospital when I joined HCPI until I took my NCLEX. It was a matter of time management for me to finish my modules in HESI while working full time. I was dedicated to accomplishing my requirements on time as possible. The process was indeed smooth because my IPA and IPASS team were hands-on processing my application. My exam preparation was a struggle but I was persistent to achieve my goal.

When I received my ATT, I tried to ask for a 1 month leave to better prepare for my NCLEX, but it wasn’t granted due to understaffing. But I still pushed to study every end of my shift even just for an hour or two. I used my 5-day vacation leave prior to my exam date to have an intensive reading. I used the 6th edition Saunder book, Mark Klimek’s audio lecture in prioritization and delegation and some of my notes during the local boards. A day prior to my exam Ma’am Kristine called me for some important instructions and expectations of the exam, which lessened my anxiety. My IPA also reminded me about self-care and that I can do it, which boosted my confidence and made me comfortable during the exam. And most of all, I am thankful to have my family, friends, and GOD within this journey.

To all aspiring nurses who want to experience a breakthrough in their careers, the right time to start is NOW.

It will take a single decision to take that leap, and I encourage you to take it NOW. Never let struggles and delays stop you from achieving your dreams. HARD WORK and PRAYERS are two of the most powerful weapons you could ever have. Don’t just rely on your own knowledge but ask God for knowledge that comes from HIM. Lastly, this verse will help you if you hold on to it: Mark 11:24; “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”.

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