I joined HCPI (Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.) last January 2017. Then last December, I took and passed the NCLEX.

My NCLEX application process was hassle-free because HCPI with the help of INurse took care of everything from applying to the Board of Nursing up to the scheduling of my exam. I could say that my NCLEX experience was amazing because they really helped me prepare for it. Review materials were also included in the NCLEX sponsorship program of HCPI.

Right now, I am just waiting for my priority date. Ms. Liana, my processing officer, is really helpful because she constantly reminds me of the documents needed for my US visa application. Thank you for all your patience and help, Ms. Liana.

My message to other Aspiring nurses is to sign-up with HCPI and review the NCLEX materials given by your processing officer. Also, review the basic nursing skills and the principles of priority and delegation. Moreover, don’t forget to work hard and pray harder.

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