I joined Health Carousel last 2017 and they are still helping to reach my American Dream.

I took the NCLEX exam last November and Health Carousel helped me from the start of the application until the end. They gave me reviewers and offer me tips before taking the exam. It was hard starting at first because you need to discipline yourself, sacrifice family occasions, and sometimes you need to sleep late just to make sure you are reviewing every single detail in order for you to pass. Health Carousel’s IPA’s are the best – they are patient with you all throughout, answering any queries you might have and boosting your self-esteem and confidence that you can do better and later on, cheering on you that you can give your very best. A month’s preparation is enough if you’re determined in achieving your American Dream.

If you want to pursue your American Dream, then Health Carousel and their NCLEX program will surely help you. If you have the passion, determination and discipline, you can pass NCLEX with the help of intense prayers and full support from your family and friends. I hope to see you – my colleagues, passing NCLEX soon. Best of luck and God bless! Thank you so much Health Carousel and those people behind in each of everyone’s success!

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