I joined HCPI last November 2017. I was offered to have my NCLEX sponsored as long as I passed the pretest exam given by the HCPI. And yes, I passed the said exam. HCPI has given me a 3-month review course and endorsed me to iNurse Processing for NCLEX application. Since then, I studied from time to time. I don’t have a luxurious amount of time to be allotted in my review. I am working but still strived to have an hour or two for my study. Last October 2018, I was messaged by iNurse that I already have my ATT. I was so shocked and thinking that I’m still not ready to take the exam. I did a fast track scanning on several books in a span of 2 months. Days before the exam, I was so emotional and mentally drained. My only goal was to pass to the exam once. I took the exam last Dec 2, 2018.

For me, it was an exam that will truly challenge your stocked knowledge because it was composed of a variety of questions and your critical thinking will be tested too. For all the aspiring nurses who want to take NCLEX, I just want to tell you one thing: focus on your goals and dreams for you to attain it. Thank you HCPI for helping me in this journey.

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