“I, the Lord will make it happen” – Isaiah 60:22

Hard work, perseverance, and faith is the key to being a USRN. And I also make my successful friends who came first in the UK,US, Canada as my inspiration too in striving hard during my review. I said to myself if they can, I can make it too in God’s perfect timing.

Due to the pandemic, my eligibility takes too long to come so I have long prepared. At first, I decided to start on self-review but then I didn’t know where to start at all so I enrolled myself in NCLEX Amplified. It’s very convenient for me to watch their replayed live lectures since I’m also working. Alongside it I used Saunders book, Udan book for MS concepts, my nursing notes in college, Rachelle Allen notes from my uncle, and sometimes I answered in LaCharity Book. For the Qbanks, I tried both Uworld (shared by my uncle) and archer, and I religiously used their Computer Adaptive Test. I think beyond knowing all the concepts, it’s better for you to answer smart and strategically; and all of this I learned from the review center. I realized that it is really a good thing for me that I invested in this quality review material which help me ace the NCLEX and stop at 75.

Didn’t believe I can make it because honestly after my exam I’m really anxious that I failed it. I already accept that I failed and started to review again. Nagdoubt talaga ako sa sarili ko pero si Lord hindi siya nagdoubt at pinasa niya ako!

So my advice to future USRN’s, if you doubt yourself in the process, the Lord is with you. He is the one who surely believes in your capacity. Always pray and with him nothing is impossible.

I’d like to honor and give thank God, who makes this possible. To my family, Beljohn, for being so supportive of me, Tito Mykel for sharing his NCLEX notes, to NCLEX Amplified review center, and most importantly to my advisor Ms. Patricia and to the whole Health Carousel Family. Thank you for the guidance and for giving me the opportunity to be a USRN.


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