I joined HCPI last July 2018 under the Aspire program. I considered this opportunity an answer to my prayers because I can hardly provide myself the financial needs for the process. Challenges happened during the completion of my requirements which causes me to take NCLEX in December 2019. My fulltime work in the hospital really affected the NCLEX application and review because my off days to be used for the processing are limited. That’s why I couldn’t complete the requirements and finish the online review modules on time. I also had to take part-time work as a company nurse in some of my free time in order to provide my two siblings with their school expenses. Through working fulltime with additional part-time during my off days, I was able to sustain the financial demands for myself and my family. I made efforts to manage the remaining time I have each day in order to review.

The exam preparation was a struggle but I took the time to finish all the reviewers I have on hand. I used the HESI modules, Saunders Comprehensive review book, La Charity Prioritization, and delegation and listened to Mark Klimek’s Audio lectures. Through prayers and encouragement of the people around me and my best adviser, Miss Patricia of Health Carousel, I gained my strength and confidence. During the exam, I couldn’t understand the mixed feelings inside me. All I did was whisper a prayer every time I make an answer.

By God’s grace, I was able to pass NCLEX. I could say that it was never easy because you need to be well prepared for it, keep your focus and learn it by heart. Working overtime or having time constraints in a study isn’t a hindrance to succeed in the NCLEX exam. Just manage your time wisely, study effectively and stay positive.

I’m very grateful to Health Carousel for making my American dream possible through their program. It’s truly a blessing to all aspiring nurses like me because not everyone has a chance to take NCLEX for free. Health Carousel and IPASS made my NCLEX preparation without the hassle and my queries were timely addressed. I was guided by them throughout my preparation and they provided me the things needed for the review. To my fellow Nurses, get a start now and make your plans and dreams your motivation to move forward. Give your best and God will guide you through. You can do it!

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