I am a graduate of batch 2017. I really planned to work abroad so immediately after passing my local boards I looked for an agency to fulfill my desire (never applied for working experience yet). And so I found Health Carousel, read some reviews and inquired. I joined last January 2018 and started submitting the documents they require. While waiting for my ATT, I read Health Carousel’s toolkit for NCLEX and finished their modules. I received my ATT in late September 2018 and scheduled my exam in November 2018. I studied again for almost 2 months, went on review center and answered some Q&A books.

On the day of my NCLEX exam, I didn’t expect some questions were very basic BUT have very tricky options that would make you stop and decide for some minutes. Luckily, I passed my NCLEX exam and now working for my IELTS. I never experienced hassle on my part on filing for the application of my NCLEX exam because the IPass was there.

Big thanks to both IPass and Health Carousel for your part in my journey and for making my dream possible.

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