I signed up with Health Carousel last August 2016 but didn’t work on my NCLEX right away, despite my advisor’s constant follow up. Thinking, since I’m still locked in a 3-year contract with the hospital I am currently working in any way, why rush?  After a year, my advisor informed me that Heath Carousel is launching an NCLEX sponsorship program and invited me to take the pre-test. Luckily, I passed and was immediately endorsed to IPASS to process my NCLEX application. I was given NCLEX materials to study while complying with all the requirements for the application. I was all set to get my ATT in March 2018. Heath Carousel waited for me to finish all my modules so they can go ahead and process my ATT but unfortunately, I hesitated. This time, I was afraid. I was no longer able to balance everything on my plate, from finances, work, family, time, but deep inside I also didn’t feel like I can pass the NCLEX. I can’t focus and I felt like I wanted to throw the American dream away and venture to a different career path.

However, every time I try to do something else, I kept going back to this dream. It has become a stone, a boulder, blocking my every way no matter how I try to evade it by trying a different route I always end up going back to the same stone that I needed to cross over. So despite being afraid, I decided to just go for it. No matter how late I get off from work, how tired, I gave hours into pouring myself to focus on studying. I knew I only had less time to study before my exam date so I lifted it all up to God in total surrender. Last Aug 30th I took my exam and stopped at 75. For 3 days I was praying the entire time for a passing result because for me I didn’t think I did well. I kept telling myself “Even if there’s a 99% chance that I would have most likely failed, I am still holding on to the 1% chance that God will never fail”. On September 3, my advisor called to let me know I PASSED! God is so generous! My once a stone has now become a milestone!

Never doubt yourself. You too can turn every stone hurdled your way into a stepping stone to success. It just starts with your decision to try and put your best on it. If you need help and a little push from people who care about your dream, the nice people at Heath Carousel will definitely be there to put you back on track and guide your every step. Just trust the process. Do it! If you’re afraid… then DO IT afraid! To God be all the glory!

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