Do not fear big dreams, because the bigger dreams are the best ones to catch.”

I am the type of person who has high ambition.

January 2017, after passing the NLE, my friend asked me if I want to apply to an agency in the USA. I took the chance, and I e-mailed my resume to Health Carousel and my IPA called me and explained their program. In 2017, still, the process is not progressing because of financial limitations. They were asking for a sum of money which I cannot have at the moment.

By December 2017, I luckily passed the qualification exam in their ASPIRE SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM through the help of Miss Ann Martha, which meant that I can apply for NCLEX without releasing any amount of money. My IPA started to apply my exam in the state of NEW MEXICO. However, due to some problems and issues, my application got expired. I got discouraged, disappointed, and programmed my mind to set aside NCLEX.

With so much courage, I continued what I have started. In Mid 2018, my new IPA Miss Patricia Garcia called me, whom I thanked for consistently reminding me to pass my requirements, my fan who’s always pushing me and believing in my capabilities.

October 2018, she reapplied me to TEXAS State for my NCLEX. In March 2019, we applied for my ATT. Then, I took my NJE last July 2019. I started to review every day using La Charity (latest edition) and Uworld. It was September this year when I started my work with a fixed time, leaving me with only 1-2 hours per day for my short time review. All in all, I only had a review for 2 months, while working. Ni hindi ako nagleave before my exam. I just kept on PRAYING AND PRAYING AND PRAYING AND PRAYING.

October 7, 2019, came. Finally, the agony is over, the reason why I always wake up 3 AM is over.

The day after my exam, I went back to work feeling anxious and traumatized, but, I just kept them on my own. October 9, 2019, Ma’am Patricia called me about the good news, “Finally Rachel, ang tagal mong hinintay, kasi mas ready ka na ngayon, sabi ko sayo e papasa ka talaga”.

This is the reason why I’m holding, Isaiah 60:22-“When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.”

For those who are still ongoing with their review and are about to take the exam, don’t lose hope and keep your faith burning. I hope you can do it. Indeed, great things take time, just don’t give up.

I really thank my family, friends, Ms. Patricia Garcia- IPA- Aspire, Ms. Martha Alayon (resigned), and iNurse processing for all the support and encouragement. And most especially to our Dear God, for making all this possible. Indeed, an amazing God’s grace!

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