I am under the Aspire program since 2017 and not so very compliant with passing the requirements until this year, I got really pressured so as soon as I received my ATT. With the help of my Health Carousel and IPASS family, I filed a leave from work for a month to review, booked my exam in December 2019, and passed with 78 item questions! But honestly, I was really concerned after the exam because out of that 78 questions, I just got less than 10 SATA and got hopeless because I’ve read testimonials that if most of the questions given are multiple choices, there are chances of not getting it correct and failing. But after seeing the quick results, I really burst out into tears.

A very fulfilling way to celebrate Christmas and new year finally, as a USRN! My message to all aspiring nurses, as to what the homily is from the mass I attended to the night before my exam, whatever your reasons, questions, issues, and troubles are, just Let go, and Let God. Prayers move Mountains!

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