“Patience is a virtue. It took a decade of retrogression to finally get things done and be on track again. It’s never too late for everything. God Almighty got me started on this path of life, He never gave up on me although I almost gave up and lost my track a bit. But still here I am hanging on thru the help of Health Carousel and Passports USA, everything is within reach already. This is going to be quite different adjustment for my family and I will be facing once we reach mainland USA. I trust Passport USA will be there to help me all throughout this adjustment period. As they did all these years with their nurses abroad.
I thank all the people of Health Carousel for systematically processing my application especially Karlo, my Processing Associate, for being patient with me and helping me accomplish everything in a timely manner. I also want to thank Liza Marie, Ms. Nyra, Roda Mae and Ma’am Connie. Thank you for being a part of my endeavor in working and migrating to U.S.”

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