“I was in Saudi Arabia when I signed with Health Carousel about 2 and a half years ago. I am grateful to them, they accepted my application. The process was not easy, but Health Carousel made sure that the ride along the way was smooth and efficient. They are prompt in letting me know of the requirements and giving me the necessary instructions I need.
I would like to thank Health Carousel, my processing associates, who helped me through each stage of my application namely: Michael, Lenci, Kim, Roda, Jan and to Ma’am Nyra and Ma’am Connie.
I am also thankful to God almighty, to my parents, and aunties and my whole family for the support they have given to me. So this is it! My new journey begins here. To Health Carousel and their processing associates continue being a blessing to all of my fellow nurses and others in the medical field who aspire to begin a new journey as well.”

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