Last April 2015 I signed the contract with Health Carousel. That time I started complying with the requirements asked by my assigned PA. By June 2016 I took my IELTS exam and the fee was reimbursed to me at the same time HC sponsored my visa screen application. By January 2017 my visa screen was issued. During the waiting period, Ma’am Karen (she was my initial IDA) was constantly briefing and reminding me about the process and what documents I need to secure. Unexpectedly for a time being, I was endorsed to different International Deployment Advisor many times in a year but good thing during this time Ma’am Nyra Colinares was supervising my application till my priority date became current. Thereafter, finally, I was assigned under Ma’am Jeanne Carla Garcia as my permanent International Deployment Advisor. The waiting period seems long because it entails great patience and good faith. But I was hopeful that surely I am waiting for something definite to happen soon about my USA application. So, last October 2018 the waiting was finally over! I’m down to my hospital or facility interview by first week and USA embassy interview at the last week. Though I was living and staying at Al Ain, UAE and HC were in the Philippines I was well guided and informed on what to do and expect because my IDA (Ma’am Carla) and the entire team kept in touch with me through phone calls and emails which I really appreciated and was a big help. Apart from it, HC assigned another staff to whom I can contact just in case I can’t reach my assigned IDA. Till my date of departure, I am grateful because they have this pre-departure orientation to brief us and guide me as I step into another season at the USA.

During the entire application process one of the bible verses that I was holding on to was Hebrews 10:36 ”Patient endurance is what you need now so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.” The waiting season was a challenge but with the right mindset and faith, it helped me braise myself up to fix my eyes to the promises of God for my life. I took the NCLEX exam and entered passport USA program confident that what God started in me He will definitely bring it to completion. And now I am entering a new land again and a new season this time in the USA.

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