I passed my NCLEX/IELTS, obtained my Visa Screen more than a decade ago. It took me 6 years to realize that I should carry on my American Dream as I lost my interest when I was one of those who was hampered by the recession in the States.

The day was 18 September 2014 when I finally committed myself with Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. as I felt like that they are the only one dealing with USA qualified Filipino nurses at that time. My case was filed and got my priority date later that year and that made me really happy.

I should have made my move long ago already but I just thank this company for helping and guiding me all the way. My IDA is Raissa Martinez and I have nothing but appreciation for her. It took me awhile but now I am about to take this new journey. I suggest you commit with HCPI because they will take you there no matter what. Thank you!

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