“I am Romana Ruth Jasareno and I would like to tell you about my journey in immigrating to the US with Health Carousel.
I first heard of health carousel and their passport USA program late 2014 through Ms. Tanya Freedman at a time when I was losing all hope of going to the US. I first thought of immigrating way back in 2002, took my NCLEX in California in 2003, and worked with a different agency at the time which unfortunately closed down due to certain legal issues. Burdened with expenses and disappointment, I decided not to go ahead with the application.
In 2007, I thought I’d take matters into my own hands. I went to the US, hired the services of an immigration lawyer, spent a lot of money and looked for a hospital who would petition me myself. My application was filed in March of 2008. I went back to the Philippines in 2008 with very high hopes.
I was again disappointed. The waiting time for my priority date to become current became impossibly long which made me think that maybe it was not meant for me. After 7 years of waiting, in 2014, my lawyer told me that my priority date has become current but that the hospital who petitioned me is no longer interested. I will need to find another hospital who will sponsor me and file another petition for me. I will have to spend the same legal fees and visa application fees that I paid before. That was a lot of money, money that I no longer have.
Then I heard about the passport USA program and health carousel. I was hesitant at first because I no longer want to be tied up with another agency but because I was told that they will shoulder all the legal fees, visa fees, airfare and accommodation in the first month, I gave it a try. The fact that they told me they will reimburse the cost of my IELTS, Visa Screen and License endorsement was an added bonus.
I am not the most compliant of people. I need a lot of reminders to remember the things that I need to do. I’m sure the processing associate assigned to me, Ms. Liza Graza had lost patience with me several times but was too polite to say anything. She badgered me with emails, text messages and phone calls to keep me updated and to keep me reminded. She was very patient and very understanding with me when I failed to do the things she asked me to do. I think they’re all like that because I have a friend who’s with health carousel with a different associate and she had the same good experience. Other people worth mentioning are Mr. Karlo Templonuevo of the deployment team and Mr. Ernie Mania of Connetics who calls to follow up on my progress and to just answer any questions I have.
I have nothing but good words for Health Carousel and all their staff. You made my dream to live and work in the US come true. You made it easy for me. I would recommend you to all the others out there, who, like me, had lost all hope and grew tired of waiting.
So thank you Health Carousel and more power to you. May you continue to help people like me to live their dream!”

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