I was encouraged by my classmate to join HCPI last October 2017. After taking the predictive exam and completing the HESI modules, I took my NCLEX exam last June 23, 2018.

In preparation for my exam, I need to catch up because it’s not easy to study while working. I practiced Q & A with rationale during my day-offs, usually 50-100 questions a day. I used the Saunders book, La Charity and subscribed to UWorld. I also watched YouTube videos. There were times that I felt discouraged by my review scores but I was motivated by my desires to dream big and achieve greater for my family.

A week before my exam, I did church visits and asked for God’s guidance and wisdom along the way. On the day of my exam, nervousness sets in but I tried not to be affected. When my exam started, nervousness lessened but was replaced with discouragement because I encountered a lot of SATA questions. Before I click the NEXT button in every item, I prayed that I chose the right answer. When my computer stopped at #90, I was worried that I might fail the exam, but still, there’s a single thread of hope left.

It was a wonderful day when I received the good news. All glory to God. He is so good. I am now a certified USRN. Thank you HCPI for helping me achieve this dream. I’m also grateful for the constant reminders from my IPA and IPASS family to always look on the positive side and believe in myself.

HCPI is truly a blessing to me. I hope they can help more aspiring nurses like me to achieve their dream. I wish you all the best and may you continue your values and vision in helping more Filipino nurses reach and live the American dream. Godspeed.

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