Being able to participate in the Practice-to-Transition Online Program gives me feelings of both anxiety because online classes are not common in the Philippines and enthusiasm because the training offers various learning methods in which I am eager to try. The course is highly comprehensive allowing the students to cover important topics within a specific period of time which is extremely convenient for those who are in a full/part-time job.

Completing the program molded in me the value of proper time management as I carefully arrange my studies in between my days off. It was a challenge especially at the beginning but as I carefully adjust I was able to apply the lessons to my clinical experience at work which I believe enhanced my comprehension and understanding of the topics.

I believe the allotted 8-week duration of the course was appropriate especially for those who are also working. Due to the difficulty of inserting training hours in between my full-time job, I completed the course 5 days before its expiration.

I would definitely recommend the training to other candidates especially to those who are planning to take the NCLEX-RN. The program is finely designed for long-term and hands-on learning as it addresses different learning needs and styles unique to each individual and features an effective way of learning assessments through pretests and posttests.

Through the training, I can confidently say that I am now ready to successfully make a transition to the US Healthcare Delivery System. Other factors, however, could contribute to another aspect of adjustment but I would say that the training program has allowed me to learn techniques in being flexible and adapt to a new working environment in the US.

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