As one of the frontliners working in a private hospital, it is very challenging facing different situations concerning COVID-19.

I have to prioritize my patients in order to give them holistic care that they needed.

In times like these, we all need the support and cooperation of our patients and other people especially on the areas which are on enhanced quarantine zones, following the implemented guidelines and doing all the necessary precautions.

There were times after my 10 hour duty. I was crying, thinking that I might have carried the virus. That kind of feeling drains me physically, emotionally and mentally and yet I need to step out of my crib and do my job accordingly.

I am always praying and keeping my faith that this pandemic we are battling right now will be over soon.

On the other hand I salute all my co-healthcare practitioners and all the people who are helping us to overpower this worldwide health crisis.

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