Being a nurse and being at a constant risk of being exposed to the Corona virus is a daunting experience, as the dark cloud of fear of being infected hangs heavily upon our heads as we deal with our patients on a daily basis. However, that fear is only exceeded by a singular determination to do our jobs and protect ourselves as best as we could.

During the past few days, I have realized that the best way to fight the virus is for us to arm ourselves with the right knowledge– and to learn how to separate all the facts from the myths about the disease. That is best done by getting the correct information from WHO and Department of Health accredited websites.

Thankfully, we have yet to have any confirmed cases in our hospital. But that did not diminish our staff’s vigilance against patients with possible symptoms however slight it may appear to be. In our meetings, it was unanimously agreed that strict adherence to the rules will be our primary defense against the virus. Segregation of patients– those experiencing possible symptoms, are accommodated by properly equipped hospital personnel at a designated location far from other clients. Visitors are temporarily banned, and everyone from the staff to the patients, and anyone who conducts business with our hospital must observe proper distancing to the person next to them. It goes without saying that it has become routine for us nurses to explain to civilians the advantages of serving them in this kind of setup. So far, the people’s response to it has been generally positive.

Even the most basic of precautions are religiously observed in our workplace. Hand washing with antibacterial soap, the use of alcohol and sanitizers, and the wearing of clean (and I emphasize the word “clean”) surgical masks are all being done before and after contact with the patients.

Only time will tell how much of an impact the measures that we do in our hospital affect our future. As far as I can tell, we are ready and we have a solid plan of action when the Corona virus comes knocking at our door. As for now, we hope that our clients will learn and imitate by example the precautions that we do, and therefore, limit the further spread of the disease.

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