Crisis makes us come together as one to help in every way we can. Especially in times like these, following the #COVID19 pandemic, we’re witnessing healthcare professionals like Nurses who are stepping up, bringing high level of commitment and a deep sense of duty to care for others.

Sharing with you one of these #braveheroes, Nurse Lorenz Marlo, a frontliner and a Health Carousel Nurse candidate. Here he is, all set again to take care of his patients. Thank you, Nurse Lorenz for sharing your photos with us!

This is the year for you, Nurses! This is the moment that you go beyond your capacity to perform your obligation as a nurse, as a care provider, and as a source of strength.

Thank you for your service!

#CareTogether #BraveHeroes
#YearOfTheNURSES #NurseLifeStory

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