“I thought my dream of working in the US as an RN will remain a dream forever. However, when I came to know Health Carousel, Phil, Inc. last March of 2014 this dream of mine slowly came to life and has become a reality.


Just like anyone else the ride from then to today isn’t that smooth. It’s full of obstacles and blind curves for that matter. It takes great will power to take the journey ahead and be where I am right now. HC Phil. fervently walked along with me heading me right to where I am now.


I signed a contract with PPUSA Global Program July 2014 and from then on I had all transactions made with the very accommodating staff of Health Carousel Phil, Inc. With all their persistence I finally made my way in filing necessary documents for this remarkable journey. HC makes the steps in filing documents known to applicants and more so you can personally check status online to keep track. Even more open lines of communication with any staff make it possible for prompt response to some issues at hand.


I got my VISA December 15, 2015. Looks like a real ordeal from 2014-2015. This happened because of unavailability or very slow issuance of Visa for our category. But really behind the clouds the sun is waiting for the right time to shine. My PD July 26, 2007 got current last November 10, 2015 and it took me a little more than a month to finish everything from my medical to embassy interview. Even I myself cannot believe I’m leaving January 12, 2016 for the realization of my dream.


Nurses….keep holding on to your dreams! Only those who fit survives so let’s all arm ourselves ready for the win. At times the going gets so rough but just believe the Lord Almighty knows every inch of the blueprint.


Just like the line professed by one great philosopher, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”, so just like me I’m inviting all of you to make your first step for the journey ahead…I made mine with Health Carousel, Phil., Inc.” ~ Rhona

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