I joined Health Carousel, February of 2016. And I consider this as one of the best decisions I have made in my life. They gave me a go-ahead nudge and motivated me to strive harder, enabling me to reach my goals. Like many aspiring applicants, I’ve endured multiple obstacles along the way as well.

I passed my NCLEX last 2007 but got affected by retrogression and recession, making me find other alternatives which got me to work and live in Singapore for several years. I really felt that my US application would come to halt and will never become a reality, but not since I signed with Health Carousel.

They were very supportive, encouraging and optimistic, making the applicants like me feel confident and inspired in completing all the necessary documents to achieve our common goal.

Special thanks to Ms. Roda, Ms. Maricris and Ms. Liza for always being too helpful and accommodating in assisting me in this very arduous process. Again, my deepest gratitude to Health Carousel for making our dreams become a reality!

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