It was all so random, with all my exams done – IELTS and NCLEX. It was time for me to take the next step, look for an employer. Having DYI-ed my journey to own USRN License, the Facebook post about Health Carousel was Godsend. I immediately contacted the number, inquired, and then immediately got a call in for an interview.

Being a fresh graduate from the province, I was questioning whether I can pass or not. Thank God, I did! That was the hardest part.

With the help of my agents, I was able to blaze through the tedious and frustrating process of Visa application. Don’t get me wrong, the journey was tough; with all the documents you need to pass, the endless waiting, it can dine one mad. Thankfully, they are always there to answer my questions and tell you what to do. Now, I’m here about to begin what is to be one of my biggest adventures in life (so far!). Thanks to Health Carousel.

So to other professionals out there, it just takes a brave leap of faith and trusting in the right people to get to where you want to be. Trust in your abilities and enjoy the process.


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